Student Reviews

 "The course is great . . I will pass this test. . . Just wanted to say thanks. No former pilot experience, passed Part 107 Wednesday score of 85%." Roger H.

"Great course! I am confident I'll pass the FAA Test with Flying Colors"  Don O

"Glad I signed up for it. Thanks HSE!"  Gary S

"I took the course and passed the Test with a 90%"  Jerry S

"The course was better than expected"  Dan B

"I would recommend it to anyone seeking to get their Remote Pilot Certificate"  Arnold H

"I don't think I could have passed the test without it"  Karen M

"Packed with valuable information."  Mark D

"I search the Internet and looked at a bunch of other courses before I chose this one. Glad I did"  Harold A

"The course was worth $99 and then some" Mike B

"If I can't pass the FAA Test after taking this course, I must be dumber than a rock"  Isaac L

"I aced the test "  Darren H

"I had some questions along the way and the Instructors were prompt to respond" Moe C

"The course is very extensive to say the least. Well worth the time and money"  Danny R


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